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Choosing the Right Neighborhood

• Are you close enough or far away enough for shopping?

• Is the right type of church close by?

• How close is the Police and Fire Department?

• How close is the Hospital?

• Check out the local school.

• Observe the neighbors. (Is this a noisy neighborhood? Do others take care of their yards, house, etc?)

• What are the neighborhood restrictions?

• Consider the recreational activities available.

• Is the location convenient for getting to work?

• What are the traffic conditions?

• Does your lot drain well?

• Are there under ground utilities?

• What type of water source is available?

• What type of sewage disposal is available?

• Are there factories, businesses, etc. nearby that may cause noise, or other types of pollution?

• Are utilities already run to your lot? (In some cases, people have to pay the utility company to run utility extensions because there are not any other houses started in that area.)

• Will you have enough privacy? Are privacy fences allowed?